Work Published/Forthcoming

The Indian Constituent Assembly: Deliberations on Democracy, ed. Udit Bhatia (London and New Delhi: Routledge, 2017)

Cracking the Whip: The Deliberative Costs of Strict Party DisciplineCritical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, forthcoming (Available as OnlineFirst)

Between Regulation and Minority Educational Rights, Journal of Political Ideologies, forthcoming

Rethinking the Epistemic Case against EpistocracyCritical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, forthcoming (Available as OnlineFirst)

‘Precautions in a Democratic Experiment: The Nexus between Political Power and Competence’. In Constituent Assemblies, eds. Jon Elster, Roberto Gargarella, Vatsal Naresh and Bjorn Rasch. (Cambridge University Press, 2018)




Other Publications

How Haryana And The Supreme Court Struck Against The Foundation Of Democratic Polity, Huffington Post (11 December 2015)

‘Psoriasis In The Mind’: What Valson Thampu’s E-Mail Reveals About Disability Bias In Higher Education , Huffington Post (16 October 2015)